Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Questions in Love

The question in love is 'Yes' or 'No'. They can be answers too, but it is when they are asked, they become more significant. For they carry with them, all the vulnerability, security, instability, surety, hopelessness, hope, anxiety, and peace involved in love.

Everyone believes they fall in love or raise in love--as some like to believe-- and some live with whom they love, some die, some simply forget, never identifying what actually they felt towards the person they met. It might be an attraction for their physical appearance, liking towards their character, or feeling of comfort when they spend time with each other. Love never happens when they believe it to be. The majority will not realise when it happens. Those who realise this, may differ in their sensation of the feeling of love from the others. There are some who take it as a feeling of hatred. This is the reason that in love, some people, fight. They feel as if fighting would bring their partner closer and they feel comfortable about it. For them, love begins from hatred and it breaks all the barriers slowly and unknowingly. When they fight, they merge with each other and feel closer with each other than they never were before.

Every love story--unfortunately-- follows the same pattern and two courses, either of separation of the lovers or of their union. Every heart, in love, breaks at least once, after which it ceases to be a heart, instead, it becomes a door through which the soul comes out and searches salvation. I think it is true. I have come across a story, a very short one, in my life, which proves it. I would like to share it with you. If you are interested in reading that little cute story, hit your mouse on this link...Love Break

Or if you can wait until the next post on my blog, you are welcome.

[Formerly published in Socyberty ]


Unknown said...’s the same pattern mostly… but to find your love and having it forever is a gift…

Anu Lal said...

You are right about the moment. But does such a moment exist? Or do we able to realize the moment and the gift, unless we lose it? Oh, there it comes again...the questions...'yes' or 'no'!!

Thank you so much for commenting..
Do bless this writer again, with your precious words of pearls..

Terri said...

The fact that you are even thinking of it in the terms that you are leads me to believe you will find a great love.
Let us not mistake the caring deeply about someone for this type of forever love.
"the heart is desperate who can know it" wrote a very wise man under inspiration... This is my tease for you you know who that man was?

Anu, I like how you write these posts to wet our appetite... to then check out what else you have written..I think it is very clever.