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on one personal pain...

The catastrophe of the night, ravished me with a meteorite,of the heavenly space.I welled up, as an emotion,unexampled, inexplicable,I felt highly vulnerable.The dark barbarian has his hands,and legs and his whole body,rested upon my flesh,crushing it down the earth.I cried, I spewed out my stomach,my eyes came out of the skull,my skin ripped off and my mind,left alone, like an emotion inexplicable.I cried.Tears turned to blood.And I knew the morning was coming.
[You can read this poem in Authspot also.]


[The poem was formerly published with Authspot ]Just let the day pass,and let the moon rest, in the night's lap.To give you hopes,of thousands of stars.The day will take away with it,the rain and flaming sun.
Your bread might be wet,from the lack of roof.Your hearth might be damp,and there might only be smoke.Your children might scream in-the sermon of hunger;in its metamorphosis:void in front of the eye holes.And your wife's breasts might stick to bone,as if your husband's time has gone.Then you are about to have -a gleam of truth; It lacks that last bit of potion,to save some lives: love;
the invaluable currency.The world has gone crazy in growth!Let the day pass.