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Madonna's Show in Holland.

Even the most thrilling and fantastic stories have to have its characters follow some common connections corresponding to age and physique, but if Madonna, the queen of pop, became the protagonist of any of the realistic narrative, she would be the most unreal character of the narrative, in terms of her age-physique relation. Madonna had registered her success not only in music as a singer, but also, as a film producer, a song writer, an author, a fashion designer and in many other fields of activity. The secrets of her youthfulness and energy, are only known to her. Even at about the age of 50, she is as charming and sexy as she was. She has already qualified for the epithet of "eternal youth" along with title "the queen of pop". Isn't it the controversies that come to your mind now? Controversies related with the adoption of kids and her "young husbands"? As for the adoption of kids, she deserves some credits for providing a more than decent living …