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The Baloney Theorists.

That was a rainy eve. The Baloney Theorists came running into the "Shack"--The five star hotel near the seashore from their cars, without an umbrella. They dressed in rags. Behind them, were the politicians, to whom the cars belonged, with umbrellas, all in one colour, not blue and not green from the primary colours. When they entered, the king closed the crystal door. They reached a huge hall, with closed door. One among them, bony, weak and insane looking, opened the door frantically. Inside there was nothing other than women who wore, nothing. The skinny one, undressed; caught one. Others just did the same. No innovations! The politicians met in the other room. "Let them enjoy and let us concoct the newest of its kind, a reality theory. For we are the theorists and they are political puppets." "The Baloney Theory": one said. "To block the light, to turn the 'up', into 'down', and t…