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Colour Consciousness in India

India is on the victims' side, in racism. In anti-racial movements, it is on the protesters' side. But both these identities seem absurd when, the extent to which this country is doomed, in its blindness to human equality, is out. It neither rejects caste ism nor closes its eyes on skin colour. Now, a question arises, how did these practices of caste ism and colour consciousness emerge? In order to get an answer, we must ask this question to our grant fore-fathers, which is not possible now, for as a matter of fact, those grant paternal 'culture creators' are long gone into sod. The only possible way is to make our own assumptions as we always do, if we expect to get an answer to the above question. Thus, even though practitioners died, practices exist. These practices unveil themselves in the advertisements of fairness creams in our television channels and the beautiful "fair" looking heroins of the Indian cinema. As an instance, if the advertisements ar…