Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good People

Civilization is a word, deep in meaning and vast in its implications. It is an aspect that humanity holistically acquired through the process of evolution.

Everywhere around the world, humanity established civilizations, though the Western sardonic perception never identified the existence of such civilizations in the East. This is what caused them to bear the 'white man's burden' only to make themselves a butt of ridicule. The people in the East were identified more civilized and intelligent than the West, scientifically. The only reason, why they accepted the aspects of western life, was they needed a change.

The Western part of the globe and the white possessors of it, always regarded East as uncivilized. Even after having so many proofs for this hypothesis to be discarded, the West was adamant with their foolishness. Some of them regard the colour of the skin as a criterion for superiority, unlike the East who recognizes the intellectual ability, and physical perseverance as the criteria for superiority. I said 'some', for, I know many in the West, who do not consider this hellish concept as part of any of the human civilizations.

One Indian student had been brutally assaulted in Australia, by some racists, recently. Such incidents show, still such practices exist among 'some ' people who are capable of degrading the whole. They still bear the "burden of the past" leading the blind life of a 'colour sensitive'.

In a world which celebrates the intimacies of a global village, the existence of issues like racism, casteism, etc. seems savage. The Australian incident asserts its existence and kindles the flame of hopelessness.

What do such incidents show?

There are good people everywhere, East or West, white or black, brown or yellow, but such events and attempts to draw barriers and part minds, are disgrace to the whole of humanity.

To whom shall we attach the epithet 'civilized' in the truest sense? What knowledge, such a country and the educational institutions there, can provide its students?


The Indian Commentator, disdains this racial assault.


"Protest against racism.

Support India, support justice."

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radhamani pt said...

its the way of the world dear friend.when there is a serious problem like natural calamity all these discriminations will go into lets wait for the Judgement day

Anonymous said...

Interesting article! Racism, no not so good, civilized... what is that? a byproduct of society? Society... ah, how marvelous we all are.

Anu Lal said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.. keep visiting.

Terri said...

Anu another well written pointed article. I think you know where I stand on the issue of racism and any form of violnce. I have no room for it.
Thank you for visiting and your comment on my Blog. Well off to bed I go i have work in the morning.

Anu Lal said...

Thank you Tia. I just want my life fruitful in the service of mankind. Hope you will be with me.