Saturday, June 20, 2009

Let Us Sign This Agreement.

'The child is the father of the man', but the man always forgets, how he had felt when he was a child. The only way that leaves, is to study about his past, living in his present. In this endeavour, certain things are purposefully avoided and certain other things are included, 'as if' to construct and convey the apt performance of the endeavour that he has undertaken.

The children's help lines and child welfare organisations like the UNICEF are only a few examples of this endeavour.

Even though, children are being 'watched', from reaching in wrong hands, we still need a day like the one observed on the 12th of June, The world Day Against Child labour, proving the futility of our 'watch'.

Child sexual abuses, child trafficking, child labour, and even child marriages are forming topics for serious discussions. And many children are rescued from wrong hands, by the help lines and police and other governmental and non governmental organisations. But what about those children who are tortured, harassed and being locked among adversaries, in the so- called civilized social set ups, schools and even in families! What about that child whose life has become a nightmarish experience because of the constant conflicts between his parents! And what about that child whose parents no more lull them, but in their bed, they share the warmth of their pets! Who would answer these questions, which I haven't dared to ask, but only expressed as an exclamation, for the fear of the would be absence in the other part of this literature; I mean the absence of the one who reads.

Finally, one more question-who would provide justice to those children, who are being cheated by the governments, through the consumption of gruel made from rotten rice that the government provides in the government schools of Kerala! (I am sorry, to put this exclamation mark here, for I don't expect any answers, if a question mark replaces it.)

We have invented more than enough reasons to cover up such 'minute' 'flaws'. We have reasons like economy, like crisis, etc. Such questions are better not to be asked. Let the scene divert to some other direction.

The science of concepts says that a child is the purest form of energy. That means a child is more powerful than a man or a woman. What problematizes this notion is that, children are available in very low wages, for restaurants, household jobs and other jobs as well. Some do not even need that, for they are sold by their parents and only require some rags to cover up their itchy groins and bony chests. The pieces of food they require, never exceed that of the pets' in quantity; then there arises a question, for the economic heads, if the child is so much profitable, and powerful, why can't he or she be provided with adequate measures for survival? Isn't this a simple and relevant question!! (Only such questions are understood by most of the word now!).

There is a suggestion as well. Why not; if the children are the purest form of energy; that energy be tapped, preserved, and moulded into a more effective grown up form and use it then!

In the most simpler and also in the most complicated way, it can be said that the humanitarian organisations are 'trying' to treat the disease. It would be more effective if they approach the cause and remove it. In the close analysis, it is natural to conclude the cause as economy itself and obvious to wish for a 'Marxian beard' to grow on your face. But the cause again slips from the hold and it hides somewhere in the dark holes in the streets of civilization.

In a very close analysis, disregarding the natural tendencies to jump into conclusions, the real cause comes to the front. The real cause is not the economy, but the wrong usage of the concept of economy, which is mostly practiced by those who are unknown about the sun in the noon and are satisfied with the twilight of the morning.

Let us 'wait' until the children grow up.

(It sounds like a request to form an agreement, which shows, anyway, the 'consumption' would not stop and the consumers of children are asked to wait. Bizarre. Right?)


Terri said...

Yet another case bearing out the truthfulmess of this statement...
"Man has dominated man (women and children included) to his injury."

Anu Lal said...

You are right Tia!