Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael: The Moon Walker!

You are the one magic fiddle I had.

All the time, which by its own played.

I knew you were not a dead instrument,

but you lived with me, like a musical tenet.

Still I neglected your life and being.

You were used by tautening your strings,

Every day and every lonely nights,

whenever I wanted peace.

You were the property, I kept through my days.

Your voice became my companion.

I knew you are a magical fiddle,clarion.

You had danced for me,

Whenever I lacked glee.

You walked on the moon, and moved in robotic style,

I still recollect, how invincible you were that while!

You screamed in joy, musically,

You made the days rock excitedly.

But at last, you have stopped the magic tone...

Once and for all you ended your song,

filling unknown endless void everywhere.

In my dictionary, the word for loss seemed rare.

For utterance, I felt gathering each possible way,

Your silence is more

deeper than a 'loss'... that is,to say.

(A Tribute to Michael Jackson)

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