Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Humanoid

Famish, the deep-laid seed of mortality,
When creeps on the road of stomach,
The New Despotism stands,
Beside a multi national restaurant!
The deep carved eyes looked for them,
With the burden in the stomach,
Crawling, whirling, kicking…
Questions thousand raised,
To the ‘ideologists’, for answer! But-
Busy those self-volunteers were,
In ‘planning, implementing and evaluating’
Their new business dogmas!
Pity rolled down through the metal cheeks of a humanoid
Exhibited in the restaurant. Roared-
He shouted; terror filled the air.
Despotism stood stiffened, stark.
The Humanoid stole bread pieces, thirty!
He fled with the famished.
Famine took the restaurant.

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