Thursday, February 26, 2009

Across the Sea and Along the Boarders...

Across the sea and along the boarders, India is facing explicit threats from its neighbours. The conditions there in the neighbourhoods do not seem to be promising. With the military rebellion broken out in Bangladesh, the situation has become worse.

The Sri Lankan squall on the LTTE has already become a burning topic, which dishevelled the not-so-quiet Tamil Nadu politics. The linguistic identity, which the subservient population of Sri Lanka tries to establish with India, is the major cause for Indian concern. This identity-claim based on the language Tamil, is a protective-ideological measure taken by the population. The Sri Lankan Tamil population is the migrants from India, centuries ago. What ever the history is, in the present context, it is impossible to accept another group of people, as some one Indian, out side the political boundary of India, only on the basis that they also speak one of our regional languages. We cannot even sympathise with them, on the fact that they were responsible for the murder of one of our former prime ministers, Rajeev Gandhi.

The terrorist face that the LTTE has put on raises our self-security concerns. This situation can attract some neighbourhood ‘intruders’. The military revolt and the incapacity of the Bangladesh government to hold the system, poses a great threat to India. So our precautionary measures should not be limited to military levels. But it should include the common public also. Citizens should be made aware of the situation and the possible threats to the peaceful life in the nation. This would help to tackle the situation more effectively.

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ajus009 said...

You have a point in that the common public too should be made aware of the sensitiveness of the situations. But already our media is celebrating all these terror strikes. If more is let to public, then another rebellion might break out creating a new problem.