Thursday, December 4, 2008

Road Matters

An incident occurred last Thursday near my ‘college’- if it can be called so. I don’t know whether a university campus can be called a college or not. My sheer ignorance!!

I am studying in, Kannur University’s Thalassery campus, which is situated in an obscure countryside--where road journey is similar to some items shown in circus--named Palayad.

What happened was a crime! Nothing like rape, murder, skirmish, etc. nothing of that sort, but spitting! A person spat on the public road…

“What? Is it a crime? But how?” asked my sister.

In many of the developed countries (almost all), spitting in public places is a crime, especially on the public road. Spitting or throwing wastes on the public roads are prohibited with statutes in countries like Singapore, U.S.A, U.K, etc.

“These are all developed capitalist counties. Is this a good practice to simulate them in our country?” My sister asked.

I don’t know. Or I don’t want to meddle with those ideological conflicts. I want my ‘developing’, yet poor India, to be clean and tidy.

“But the ‘crime’ in spitting is not yet clear.”

It is crime. Spitting on public places is a crime, simply because it makes me feel nausea when I see it.
Phlegm and all that…@#$%

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