Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Friends forever

It is said friends are forever. But I don’t feel it in that way. I would rather like to put it in this way;that is, "I would not have endured this life, without them."

Friendship, once bloomed, survives in many ways. One of the ways is mobile phone. SMSs serve as prominent party in preserving the bond of friendship till the day’s end. Of course, after that you have to dedicate a few hours for your beloved friends. The electronic media can’t give you what their souls have spoken. For that you must go to them and look into their eyes.

Recently I received an SMS from one of my friends. It has something really interesting in it. So I thought why shan’t I share it with you. Here it is,


Whenever I am making love with my husband, the first to disturb by ringing me up, would be MY FRIEND!!!!
(To be continued...)