Monday, December 29, 2008

Filmy Jodi!

Bolly wood never lags behind to show its colours, during festive days. In this Christmas also, they are all set to hypnotize the world with the two Khans, Shahrukh-sorry-King Khan and Amir- sorry- Mr. Perfectionist Khan.

Amir’s “Gajini” is an action movie, which is already a super hit, and Shahrukh’s “Rab Ne Banadi Jodi”, rocks the silver screen literally. “Rab Ne Banadi Jodi” is a peaceful romantic film, when compared to “Gajini”. As Christmas is a festival of peace, the Indian commentator would advise for the peaceful film for his readers. A very cute, romantic film, which celebrates the true love… “Rab Ne Banadi Jodi”.

The Aditya Chopra directed film tells the story of a middle class working man who accidentally ‘compelled’ to marry a young girl, to whom he was infatuated at the first sight, on her marriage day. Her name is Taani (Anushka Sharma). The protagonist, Surender Sahni, was her father’s former student.

Suri and Taani start their life anew as strangers. There the story takes an interesting turn, where we can see the ordinary working class man tries to win the love of the gorgeous, exuberant girl. Suri is an introvert man who cannot express his love outwardly. This is somewhat paradoxical with Taani’s character. In a time based, limited, lifestyle of a working class man, he feels himself estranged from Taani.

The film interestingly portrays the dilemma of the working class people to confront the youthful metro sexual urban community. The metro sexual youth generally believes in celebrating life, where the working class men like Suri, identifies themselves as mere machines, which are devoid of all pleasures of life. The only pleasure for them is to serve their beloved ones. He wants to win her love. The resolution, which he finds, is, metamorphosis, which is changing form. This metamorphosis is an outward expression of the hidden consciousness of Suri. And he changes himself from Suri to Raj.

The film shows a different background and style of story, which is not usually seen in Bolly-wood. Full credits goes to the director. Both the characters of Raj and Suri had their own equal importance in the story. The portrayal of the to characters is really superb.

Shahrukh has done a remarkably wonderful job. But the main advantage that the film has brought to bolly-wood is, Anushka Sharma., whose performance never gives us the feeling that she is a new comer.

The Indian Commentator congratulates Anushka for her performance in this film…
Hum hai rahi pyar ke phir milenge chalthe chalthe…"


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