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TRAFFIC RULES: Blogging with Consistency

Hello there, if you liked my previous blog post titled “WHAT YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE THOUGHT OF MALALA YOUSAFZAI: The High Art of Blogging”, you would want to read more about what “The Rule of Three Cs” are, that I proposed in the post. The previous post was an excerpt from the August-September edition of Unclassified Intelligence. Because I do not intend to make this e-book moneymaking venture alone, I would like to share the rest of the article too… free.

For those who are serious about blogging and would like to get a tip or two on the concept of blogging, this article might be helpful.

Before venturing into reading the rest of the article, I would like to bring to your attention one more crucial concept that is necessary not just to blogging but also to life in general. If you are looking for success in any arena of life, the first and foremost requirement is “purpose”. In order to achieve purpose, one may require a firm conceptual grounding on the work at hand. I have attempted to clarify three major areas on which one can base their blogging efforts for excellence.
The Rule of Three Cs
In order to attract more traffic to one’s blog three important rules will help. I would like to share these three important rules here, for any newbie or experienced blogger who is looking for a way to increase one’s page views. I call this golden rule, The Rule of Three Cs.
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The Rule of Three Cs is explained below.
1.    1.   Consistency.
2.    2.   Clarity.
3.    3.   Creativity.

Each concept is described in detail, below.
1.      1. Consistency
The Rule of Three Cs might sound a bit too simple at first glance. However, I would request the reader to consider them each one by one and meditate upon them. In, the word consistency is defined, “a harmonious uniformity or agreement among things or parts.” In the case of a blog, as I mentioned earlier, the content or the subject matter varies a great deal from blogger to blogger. This is not the problem. This is a boon in fact. The problem, though, is when the content of the same blog, by the same author varies a great deal. When there is no uniformity among different blog-posts published by the same blogger, variety turns into a curse. Safe to assume that any reader would soon lose one’s appetite for what may appear as a chaos of information.

Presenting contents in order is an art. The craft of blogging depends a great deal on this art. Variety can kill. But order or consistency can save a dying blog. Some might not agree. But that is not what we need to look at here. How could variety be harmful is explained below.

Consistency in the nature of subject matter can help the blogger also in pitching the blog with like-tempered people. Like-mindedness is a key area one can turn to for improved page views. For activating like-mindedness, the key is consistency. However, sometimes, consistency can be limiting. The blogger might find it difficult to branch out while being consistent in his blogging efforts. One must clearly understand what “consistency” means to a blogger. Consistency can be applied to more than one area. It could be the frequency of blog posts, and the nature of subject matter. These two are the most important areas that a blogger should keep in mind while applying the first Rule of C.

But if a blogger writes about films and goes on elaborating on the same topic, reviewing movies in each of the posts, readers might want to go somewhere else for an information of cooking or books. This is how it works. It is always better to write quality content in the area you are interested in, even at the risk of losing your reader for a piece of information on any other subject. Even if you write a good cooking article that sucked tremendously for the reader, you may be making the mistake of losing your reader permanently. The success of a blog is not just based on a random click. A blog is successful when a visitor says she would return. And returns for another look, in the coming days, depending upon the frequency of your posting.

However, if you are bored of posting only one type of material in your blog, you can experiment. But it depends on the following rule.

This will continue in the next post.
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Anonymous said...

Personally speaking, I love variety.

B'cos my mind itself encounters so many situations and thoughts.
I love to pen them down as the thought is oven fresh in my mind.

That is the whole purpose of having 'categories' - for variety.

Unless, one has a dedicated blog where title itself announces its intent- like software related, photography related, poems or selfie-author related info etc.