Thursday, July 25, 2013

Spain Train Derailment

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I heard the news on supper table, in BBC. Sometimes, bad things catch up, and no one can stay away from them. They come and get you, that is all, plain and simple. This is what happened in Spain too. A train had derailed killing many people.

There may be hundreds of technical reasons. The straightforward answer to all those questions is just be calm and let the reality set in. No explanation can bring those lives back. Call it an accident, or terror attack, or whatever, you may. An act by fate happens to be on the check out joint for those humble lives.

What can be done on an occasion like this? Other than, to mourn and console those who lost their beloved ones?

May, the souls of those, departed, rest in peace.

May, those lost souls find a rag of peace to cry in.  
Image Courtesy: Google  
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