Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another Girl-Missing

Pain never takes vacation. Here is another news of girl-missing. There is no telling what I feel or what any of them who are close to this girl feels. I do not think this is a time when we can think about sorrow and pain. This is time to act, to find them, all those missing from their homes, their families, and beloved ones.

Image Courtesy: Facebook
This is yet another instance of how social media can be of great help. I received this picture from Facebook. Here it is.
My review of Harlan Coben’s novel Caught comes next!  The waiting is over. The year 2012 came to a close and the next started off. There may be people who celebrated this shift, this change of speculative time. I am not one among them. I could not, and shall not. I felt hollow within myself. It seems my mind is just reflecting the intellectual and psychic vacuum of my nation, where any one can get raped and killed on open and justice is just a cliché.
Courtesy: Google Images

RIP Delhi girl. You are innocent, but you had to pay the price for trusting this nation. 

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