Monday, February 16, 2009

The Writers

"Who is a writer?” - Some one asked.
“The one who knows what to write?” – I reflected. Then the other person said;
“No, the one who knows that who is not a writer, is a writer. For he then learns, what to write; and how!”

What ever may be the criteria to define a writer, each one of us has definitely tried writing at least once in our life.

Writing, as Paulo Coelho says, is the expression of one's own soul.

Sometimes it might be the intuitions of an author that is manifested through his or her writings. But when a reader approaches a written or printed piece of writing, the probable intuition with which the writer had given the expressions, would become-- a fact, a truth, a prophesy, and, a living and pulsating piece of life.

I am hinting on that moment when the reader enters into the complex network of symbols and associations on the writer’s behalf and becomes astonished and shocked on seeing those inexplicable scenes of imagination and reality intervened.

I am hinting on a rise in the adrenalin levels of the reader, in that moment, when that one becomes conscious about the unconscious intrusion of the text into the boarders of his constructed privacy to the society.

Here some intuitions change their form “magically”.
I am hinting on that magic.

How does it happen? From where; the socio-political, cultural and other influences or intuitions change into that fantastic relation of words and ideas? No one knows the correct place to locate the answer. And thus the magic behind the process of writing still prevails unknown and still writers move their pens to take our souls to inflect them with the uncouth magic.

One of the most significant developments in the area of software’s is -‘Blog’. A place; where you can find such magic happening in ample. The boundaries for writing that had existed before, has been erased after the development of Blogs. The peculiarity, which separates any other medium for writing from Blogs is its freedom for self expression. Any one can write Blogs and that too free of coast. A web space called “Blogspot” offers the space for blogging. You just need to enter into the web site and hit the curser on the ‘create blog’ option. Following the instructions provided, will lead you to become a ‘blog owner’. You can write about anything and every thing. Readers from any part of the world can be able to read your blog.

Though it sounds simple it caries a very serious space for expressing the known and unknown links of the human being with his or her society. Thus, ‘virtually’ it establishes and asserts the identity of the individual as every book does with the person, who wrote it, manifesting his intuitions through it, into different "magical" forms.

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