Tuesday, February 3, 2009

On a Crying Child

Cry child cry. Let them know you,
For it only will open the deaf ears of Monitory Despotism.
Prince of filthy street
Let your throat cry loud.
Shiver the stars make the cloud to shower.
Your tears might tempt
To write a poem that can catch -
Those, who reads for an aesthetic pleasure.
Be a model for the artists
To portray the un-kept and also for us
Be a model to be exhibited in
The new plan, for poverty eradication,
As, a ‘courtier of poverty’!
Who in the world else; know
You are the prince, not a courtier
Un-kept, unwanted;
Other than your deserted stomach dried throat and tearless eyes!

Cry child cry…
For the crying-one only gets loaves…

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