Wednesday, April 25, 2018

What's New in Facebook?

This is what I wrote in Facebook this morning.

Advertising my author page. 

I would like to shift straight to this new page. But I cannot afford to lose my touch with the virtual Colosseum here in this page, where we fight out our peaceful battles, without shedding blood. Gradually, slowly--is the mantra for change. So gradually, slowly, I will shift all my posts to this page

Perhaps, I may even delete this profile page. 

Have a great day. Remember, every day is a new beginning.

Here is what I would like to share with you here on my blog:

I have been trying several methods to publicize my new books: Those Tales Called Blue, Rani of My Daydreams, BuJi and the Indian edition of You Should Know How I Feel.

I have come to my most important platform now, the space of this blog, where it all started. I started out as a writer in the comfort zone of this blog.

As my readers, I would like to inform you that these books are out through online shopping channels. You could get a copy of any of these books through two channels: Amazon and NotionPress store.

The new Indian edition of You Should Know How I Feel is available only through NotionPress store. This is a revised edition too. So only after seeing what response I receive through the Indian store, I can make this revised edition available internationally.

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