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Bestselling author Anu Lal on 69th Indian Independence Day, Self-reliance, and Courage: FULL ARTICLE

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Part-1 69TH INDIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY: Dependence or Independence Where Do You Stand? That middle class Indian may not have personal means for conveyance. He or she would take a bus or train for daily commutation. Within that context, freedom of movement does have a seriously limiting meaning. In essence, freedom to move is limited and knitted with illusion in the life of a person taking buses for his daily travel. "Independence" may have a political meaning. This word also has a strict personal meaning too. In a philosophical sense, independence is possible only in the form of pure consciousness. Therefore, this state of being is beyond the usual sense of understanding the term. In a political sense, the same sense the term is used with these days, "independence" may me…