Wednesday, August 19, 2015

NATION AND MEANING: You and I and our Collective Totality

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I believe, as I already mentioned, that it is the message of self-reliance that we must ponder over. In order to make sense in its content, every message must mean something to us personally. This personal connection can take any message to its intended goal. The question is, are we capable of invoking any personal connection in the young minds of India with the old tale of the British versus the natives? Projecting self-reliance upon the young minds of India, one may create significant output beyond immediate profit. Channeling our discourses towards a new and improved psychological spiritual goal would enable the young minds of India regain its passion for nation and their own existence. This will in turn strengthen the presence of meaning in their lives.     
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The first thing every young person looks for professionally, after a college degree would be opportunities. Either as artists or as skilled laborers without opportunities one may succumb to terrifying levels of fruitless struggle and depression. Instead of waiting for opportunities, some are ready to take risks and create a sense of fulfillment from opening new venues of activity. Imagination and creativity are two scarcely used commodities in the Indian politico-economic context.  If someone employs these two, affiliating one's sense of purpose with 'conscience' to borrow a terminology from Thoreau, one will be rewarded on a personal level. These personal moments of fulfillment are sure to uplift the confidence and productivity of a nation as a collective totality.  

To be contd. 

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