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HE FIXED THE MATCH SHE FIXED HIM by Shikha: Why doesn’t Revenge Go Well with a Good Marriage?

If you were given a chance to write a love story, would you ever worry about the formula of a successful love story? A chance being “given” indicates a second individual or source involved with your writing process. Be that source the universal Creative Source. Would you care requesting the Creative Source of all being the formula for a successful romance novel? It seems someone has done just that. In her debut book itself, a contemporary romance titled He Fixed the Match She Fixed Him, Shikha proves that her writing skill is par excellence.
Shikha Kumar has a B-Tech degree in Computer Science from Bharati Vidyapeeth, Delhi. She works as a manager with Tata consultancy services. Having been able to travel a lot, in and out of the country, author Shikha seems to have acquired a skill to get into the psyche of her characters and create dramatic scenes through their interactions. It’s indeed true that journeys teach us great wisdom. In her deep understanding of the human mind, which come…