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A definitive evidence of the extraterrestrial invasion in India in the modern times is the red rain phenomenon. Before investigating the unnatural event that left many guessing about its true cause, it is important to make ourselves comfortable with the intellectual data available to support the fact that there has been contact from intelligent beings from outside of our plant. A reader asks: “Are UFO stories real?”
The answer to that question is, yes. Most of the reports and stories circulating around UFO sightings are real. However, there are a certain percentage of UFO sightings that could not be validated based on solid proof or evidence. I am not overlooking the fact that there are many hoaxes and fake videos as well as reports out there. Lack of tangible proof or the so-called ‘smocking gun’ used to be the greatest impediment the mainstream media propagated in order to hide such news or information as the contact with an Unidentified Flying Object or its occupants.
There are eye…