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ALIEN SKY: An Introduction to UFO sightings in Kerala

Unidentified Flying Objects are always part of a mystery that has not yet found its much awaited conclusion. No one has been able to convince the media, or the mainstream society of the truth behind these flying objects, which perform unseen-before stunts in our skies. Is it possible that these flying objects are actually vehicles or machines in which beings from some other planet or dimension visit our planet? Although there exists several solid evidences to prove this hypothesis true, our mainstream media does not seem to buy into that state of affairs.

In the first chapter of this series, you have already seen that “On 30 October 2014, during a rainy day, just after sunset, the people of Kochi were said to witness an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) in the sky”.
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How many of you know that even before, Kerala’s skies have witnessed an intervention of the extraterrestrial type?

One of my personal experiences with UFOs dates back to my mother’s childhood days. I came across this experience in one of our casual talks on unexplained phenomena during my early teen. I was and still am very much interested in topics that usually escape rational explanation and scientific understanding.

Mother described to me once that during her childhood days, she and her siblings were taken to watch a play staged at their local church compound.

Back in those days, staging plays in the church compound was a way to celebrate festivities and church anniversaries. Most of these entertainment shows happened in the evening, well after sunset.

As they were watching the play, my mother recalls, a bright light appearing in the sky. Although she has forgotten the details now, she is certain that the light disappeared without a noise, after a few moments. It was a clear sky, otherwise. It was not just she, who witnessed the sighting, but the whole community did, and most of them, including her, were dismissive about the UFO. In fact, they didn’t have the notion of the UFO in their cultural lexicon back then.

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A general attitude of the Indian public towards UFOs and other unexplained phenomenon is that their either rationalize it or worship it. The church UFO was thus rationalized into some airplane or falling meteor. However, the reason why my mother still remembered this event astonishes her own sense of rationality.

The possibilities are endless. However, if one never dwells on furthering the studies on these phenomena, there may never be an answer to these questions that are never asked. Who is preventing such questions from being asked? Is it the government? Or is it the collective consciousness of man itself?
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The positive side of these series of articles that I write on UFO experiences and anomalies of a paranormal nature in Kerala is to bring this discussion in the collective psyche of the culture. The census, taken in 2011, shows that in Kerala, the literacy rate is 93.91 percent in India. This percentage was almost 100 a decade before through a massive literary campaign. However, a very strong leftist trend swept the land through the fifties and seventies and transformed the culture into a rationalist utopia. The problem was that the people learned to reduce everything, every phenomena and every event into a political occurrence. I still remember a professor from Europe, who visited Kerala for some official purposes making a remark for journalists that Kerala is the most politically educated place he had ever seen.

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Perhaps, this reductionism is one reason why the minds of the people aren’t open towards the possibilities and threats involved in instances of UFO appearances and alien contact. In 2001, Kerala witnessed an extraordinary phenomenon that was reported as mildly as possible by the news media. One must remember that they are the same news media that runs after every other sensational story they can catch. The phenomenon I am referring to here is Red Rain. But what makes it more eerie is the location where the most red rain was recorded. It was in Kottayam district. Aren’t you surprised? Didn’t you get the clue yet?


Anonymous said…
Nice info but my only question is does this UFO stories really do exist?

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