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BREACH BY AMRITA CHOWDHURY: A Young Nation’s Crooked Finger

“Especially in a country with five hundred million below poverty line. That change in price meant life and death for many of them.” (13) Breach, Amrita Chowdhury.
Breach is a cyber thriller set in the heart of the growing IT industry in India. The novel unfolds life and times on the narrow edges of technology and hope. In her second attempt at fiction, author Amrita Chowdhury has a remarkable contribution to Indian fiction in English. A few years back another book came out, which I remember, was about India’s new industrial growth and its aftermath on people. The book was The White Tiger; released in 2008.
India, as a nation, is relatively new to the world of technology. However, this same nation is now called the new champion of cyber world. India has overtaken not just the USA or many other European counterparts; she has overthrown many despotic success makers across the world in the rate of her growth in cyber industry. Thanks to the dedicated IT professionals and engineers, a grou…