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BIRD-FLU: Biological Weapon or The Contact?

The UFO that appeared in Kochi on 30 October 2014 is reportedly “needle-like” and has many of the characteristics, usually reported in similar cases. A needle-like object could also indicate rockets or any similar types of destructive flying machines, made by man. Does this prove that in Kochi, Kerala, we compromised our aerial security?
China is India’s closest residing superpower, and a constant military threat. Pakistan’s recent attempts to help terrorists to infiltrate on boarder territories also add significant political weight to the situation. However, surprisingly, the authorities seem very much ignorant of even the occurrence of the UFO event in Kochi. The fourth estate also seems incapable of bringing it out into public attention. The only way such a situation can be overcome over come with clarity and answers is to bring it into public attention. One positive aspect of the contemporary UFO research in the US is the increased number of people participation. Thanks to the many…