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To the winners and losers of the Indian Parliamentary Elections 2014,
Every contest breeds two sides: winners and losers. Here are some spiritual steps that should be taken by both of them.
The layman, who wasn’t even part of the contest, takes great pleasure in attaching himself with one of the parties, the winners or the losers. He finds it part of his pride, his self-respect to do so. They sing, they dance, and they become one with the winner, and they choose this to be their destiny. There are others, other the other hand, who stand by the failed candidate. They cry, they beat their chests, and drink the bitter juice of failure with their leaders, and chose this to be their own destiny.
Therefore, it is important for the winner to carve out the victory in the hearts of the multitude. The victory is never complete until it reaches the roots of the nation. If victory remains limited to the number of votes, percentages and intellectual discourses alone, its true be…