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To the winners and losers of the Indian Parliamentary Elections 2014,

Every contest breeds two sides: winners and losers. Here are some spiritual steps that should be taken by both of them.  

The layman, who wasn’t even part of the contest, takes great pleasure in attaching himself with one of the parties, the winners or the losers. He finds it part of his pride, his self-respect to do so. They sing, they dance, and they become one with the winner, and they choose this to be their destiny. There are others, other the other hand, who stand by the failed candidate. They cry, they beat their chests, and drink the bitter juice of failure with their leaders, and chose this to be their own destiny.

Therefore, it is important for the winner to carve out the victory in the hearts of the multitude. The victory is never complete until it reaches the roots of the nation. If victory remains limited to the number of votes, percentages and intellectual discourses alone, its true benefit will not reach the winner. One must never forget that the multitude is the creator and destroyer of the rulers—the Brahman and Sivan. The victor is the sustainer, only if one moves according to this wisdom. Only then, one can become Vish, the lord of sustenance.

The cross bearer, the failed one should not disrespect the winner. You had chosen winning when you decided you would compete. But now, victory has chosen your opponent, of that you should be mindful. Therefore, the winner deserves all due respects from the failed ones.
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Even failure gives one enough responsibilities to look forward to. Failure is surely the first step in success, provided one understands this principle. If the failed one ignores the lessons in failure in the pang of losing the contest, there will never a victory again to the loser.

When a failed one learns one’s lessons from failure, one becomes a warrior. There are no failures or victories for warriors. There are only states; states when a warrior feels exalted or dejected. And for a true warrior exaltation is not relativised in terms of material insufficiency or gain. He exalts himself at the lessons he learns.

There is no gain, if there is no pain. The winner should remember the pains he had borne in the journey to victory. The memory of the pains one had borne would give the authority and authenticity to govern the hearts of the weak and the minds of the mighty.

Finally, winners should treat the failed ones with respect. Sense of equality should govern their perspectives when they ever communicate with the failed ones.

The winner must remember that victory had taken their side on this day, but they had feared to meet failure more than once during their campaign to victory.  
Such wisdom will lead you, the leader of multitudes, whoever you are. But remember, the true ruler is not the winner or the loser. The one and only true Ruler governs all truths and victories. That most powerful one is the One all wise ones stoop to, and not the winners of contests. The moment a winner expects others to bow in front of him, and forces them to do so, his state is lost. This is so, because all rules and due to the Most High.
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