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Valentine's Day Gift

Happy Valentine’s Day for all my readers and their beloved ones. Here is a short story about Love. Read it aloud, if you wish, to your beloved one. A DROP OF LOVE
A dewdrop found itself resting on the petal of a rose. That was the only memory the drop had. It was born there, separated from a cloud of fog.
The dewdrop felt happy to be there.
There was something that lured the drop towards the heart of the flower; a pull, since the petal was sloppy.  
The dewdrop felt its destiny already marked out.
It said to the rose, “What would happen if I slid into your heart?”
The flower looked at the drop. There was a peculiar grace to the dewdrop. The sun was sharing its gleam with its crystal soul.
The flower fell in love with the dewdrop, at once. “I will…” the flower blushed, “I will receive you into my soul and transform you into honey.” It said.
The dewdrop could not decide what to choose. The company of the flower was mesmerizing. Its fragrance was unique. But what it said was dubious. The flower …