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The Dome of...

The young men and women sitting in front of me, anticipating brighter futures and a present intoxicated with the verve of youth, might not be the same once they realize who they actually are. Realization of the higher self within one’s physiological bounds is indeed difficult due to the powerful influences from the external world. Every moment we are bombarded with statements such as “we, the ordinary people…”
From politicians to mass media, this one chant becomes the preferred propaganda over and over again, until the individual starts to trust this external voice rather than listening to and living in accordance with his or her inner voice.
The magnificence of human “being”, the vastness of human understanding, and the synergy--the inter connected and combined energy of all humans--stands proof to the extraordinariness of humankind. However, this also means a generalization. In addition, generalizations like these often lead people to misconceptions and into creating bin…