Thursday, January 2, 2014

Three Extremely Rewarding...

New Year Resolutions
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1. Alter your waking up time

When do you wake up each day? Change your time and make it fifteen to thirty minutes earlier. This will allow you to have a few gratifying early morning moments to live. Time early in the morning is ideal for Yoga, reading and jogging. This way you are raising your living standard a step higher each day.

2. Buy one book a month

Books are our doorway to the world of wisdom. Buying books are one of the best habits one can cultivate. This year, make it a point to keep a share of your earnings each month for buying books. Buy books, but not just the books by established authors. There are wonderful indie authors out there, who have created some fabulous stuff for readers around the world. They reach your hand through online shopping sites like Amazon. My book Wall of Colours and Other Stories is available through throughout the world. We are living at the best time for writers and readers.

3. Spend at least thirty minutes a day with your beloved ones.

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You are not alone in this world. The pessimistic notion that everyone comes alone does not hold because we come along with a mind, a body, its cells, molecules and thoughts. (Yes, thoughts, which we cannot recognise and remember, as clearly as an older child can, as infants) Your family is the first space you ‘owned’. Perhaps, at some point they had started owning you, but you still can give them the credit of being your family. You are special. And so is your beloved one. Spend some time with that person, who you call family, or the group of people, who belong to you, or with whom you belong.


Red Handed said...

Hey...good and possible resolutions!!!

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good one...