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Perhaps, you wondered why on earth I didn't elaborate on all those three Cs that I mentioned in the previous post. I can understand the reason for your anxiety. Whatever they tell you, your blog is an integral part of your persona, it is part of your being. I cannot overlook, at the same time facts such as many bloggers do not earn a single penny doing what they love doing. Therefore, in order to do what you do best (blogging) or to do it more effectively, I have formulated The Rule of Three Cs. If you haven’t read the previous post, I will make it easy for you by pasting the introduction here.

In order to attract more traffic to one’s blog three important rules will help. I would like to share these three important rules here, for any newbie or experienced blogger who is looking for a way to increase one’s page views. I call this golden rule, The Rule of Three Cs.

The Rule of Three Cs is explained below.
1. Consistency.
2. Clarity.
3. Creativity.

If you’d like to read the part called Consistency, please tap on the link, HERE.
Now, let’s move on to the second point—Clarity. 
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2. Clarity:

“Appearance blinds, whereas words reveal.”― Oscar Wilde

This is true about your blog too. In fact, clarity is the golden measure for luring your reader into your blog. Blog description should be concise, clear, and written in an economic language. Blog description could be the sub-title for your blog. If your blog is about cinema, you must say clearly that the art of motion pictures is your genre.

Like consistency, sometimes, clarity too can be burdensome. If you were too specific about your blog description, you could easily be consistent, but hardly can enjoy the limited space. For example, if you chose your blog to be only about “direction” in movies, you may not be able to talk about fashion, gossip, or the like. If you do, your consistency with the subject matter might come under question. This can be avoided by using a strategy I call “pan mapping”.

What is pan mapping?

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Pan mapping is the strategic placement or selection of title or subtitle for a blog so that more than one category can be covered as the subjected matter of the blog, as the title and subtitle is capable of reciprocating with variety of possibilities. For example, if you name your blog or write a description that goes along with movies in general, you have the option of reaching out to those readers who love movie gossips, special features on technical crew, actors, or film reviews. In other words, you are opening your possibilities wider by being clear in your title and subtitle or blog description. However, clarity may also hinder your progress into the uncharted territories of true blogging greatness. Are you asking how?

Suppose a reader finds you a little too predictable? What would be the first response of the person?

He or she might ask, “Is this all you have?” This might be an understatement of your real talent. But, can we blame those people? Aren’t we ourselves doing the same thing when we find something or someone a bit too predictable? In order to avoid this drab feeling one must learn to practice the third Rule of C. You may not be able to satisfy a person who loves books with your movie blog. There are miscellaneous and culture blogs that deal with most of these items, from movies to books, from fashion to politics. But it is a tough game for them to be consistent and clear.   

Will be continued.
An excerpt from, Unclassified Intelligence, Aug-Sept, 2014

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