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Don’t remain Clark Kent always. Be Superman… if you can.

Our intended purpose on planet earth is to become what we can. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer refers to this idea directly in his book, I Can See Clearly Now.
“I was living what Maslow described as being a person who must be what he can be,” says Dr. Wayne Dyer in chapter 40 of the book. The stress in “can” isn’t mere an attempt to address our abilities. It is also an attempt to address living from a ‘no-limit’ perspective.

It is possible to live from the fullest extent of possibilities that we are given by nature of our being. We are endowed with limitless imagination, the power to conceive without involving our physicality, the ability to transcend every limit we encounter due to the earthliness that is with us throughout our life on the earth, and the capacity to love unconditionally. The moment we are ready to use at least one or all the gifts given above, we can create infinite results with endless joy and satisfaction.

Why should we be different in blogging?
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For the past few weeks, we have been discussing the The Rule of Three Cs, three principles that enable bloggers to enhance productivity and establish their own space in the vastness of ‘blog-sphere’. As you may already know, this article is part of the Kindle version of The Indian Commentator, titled, Unclassified Intelligence (August-September 2014). For those, who have been diligent in pursuing the outcome of this article that I have shared in this space as a series, I am grateful. I have already shared two Rules of Cs.
1. Consistency and 
2.  Clarity.
You can read the third, from now on. Here you go…

3. Creativity.
Creativity comes from the courage to make mistakes. As a blogger, many readers have mentioned that my ways are creative and engaging. Including Unclassified Intelligence, the ideas I employed in order to make blogging more attractive are many. The most successful of them all? Well, no doubt, it is Unclassified Intelligence, the ebook avatar of my blog, The Indian Commentator. Early this January, I am also planning to release an omnibus print edition of all the wonderful articles that happened to appear in my blog during the year 2014 and before. Most of the articles will be from my 2014 blog posts.

My intention is to keep all those blog posts as a souvenir with me and anyone else who would want to collect them. It will be a truly great collector’s edition for anyone who loves blogs and the sense of freedom and spirit blogging inculcate in us. When I first considered the idea of a book from blog posts, I felt like what this quote below says.       

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”― Kurt Vonnegut 

It is this jumping off the cliff that bloggers have to do each time, provided they should not take their eyes off from Consistency and Clarity.
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As an Indian, I have a special liking toward blogging. The concept of blogging—that is sharing a piece of information or a piece for entertainment on a screen for everyone to see and cherish—existed in India, even before the advent of the internet. Emperor Asoka’s stone tablets and the temple murals in South India are some of the remaining signs of those early blog posts. They are being read even today. It is not just about reading those ancient writings. It is also about the seriousness and respect with which we now see them. Those ancient “bloggers” did their work consistently, clearly and creatively. Most Indian emperors attempted to erect stone tablets and “stupas” in order to spread their ideas, messages, and decrees. Their subjects saw these stone tablets, just like your blog post have been seen and read by those many people, today. A blog post can be accessed by anyone unlike a Facebook, Linked in, or twitter page, just like those stone tablets or murals.

Being the first Indian blogger to have a kindle ebook edition, I positively feel that blogging in India would surely go a long way.

Thank you for reading.

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