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Jodi Picoult and The Storyteller

Here is a guest post from Lit Pet Boww….Bow…wooww….
When I came out of the circus show, it was six in the evening and everyone was turning their butts opposite their home. All faces toward home, and I, the lone dog, skidded and wobbled around their massive treading on the flat ground, outside the circus tent. I might have managed to move a few feet through the crowd, when the sound of some quality came to my ears. My ears stood up and like a dart missile, pointed at the location where the sound was coming from. Boww….wooww…At first, I was not sure, if it was the right place to look for. Then, a beetle was a beetle, crunchy and delicious. The sound I heard was almost like that of a beetle, but muffled by something.
Let’s see. Boowww….wooww…
However, I could not find anything there. My nostrils failed me. Suddenly, I realized the possibility of digging the ground. I started scratching first and then, as the people slowly dispersed, digging with much ardent effort. A hollow sound came, fir…