Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Options and Hopes

I wish the blogger.com had a service that brings all the comments posted in various social networks under one roof or one box, so to speak. Currently, those of my friends, who access my blog through the notifications I post through Facebook and twitter, share their views and discussions in those respective sites, itself. Those discussions and comments do not appear on the blogger page.

Perhaps, the options I have is to either wait until blogger.com brings a tool that could help share the Facebook and Twitter interactions on the blog or to buy a domain and design my current page into a webpage. The later seems to be a viable and workable option. On a custom webpage, it would be possible to bring content from various social networking sites together.

In buying a domain, some financial input is required and currently, with the meager paying day job I hold, I may not be able to meet the demands on that side. I still have another option. Given above, to your right side is an image, on the top of this blog page, which reads, “Donate by ordering a Copy Here”. If a visitor, orders a copy of the book through the amazon.com page, I will get the royalty and through the money, I am hopeful to convert this blog into a webpage. No other financial complexities are involved in this.

I myself am reluctant to use my credit cards and debit cards on private websites and blogs. Amazon.com is a reliable website and the money you pay through purchasing a copy of my book, will reach me through a check. I do not yet have an online transaction account, either.

I am hoping that by December of this year, or by the early 2014, we can have a better option, a better chance to celebrate our existence, through meeting at this place, with a much better facility.  
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I am also hoping to set up a “Book-Giveaway” Platform here, in The Indian Commentator (TIC) for those students without enough money to buy books themselves or a good library nearby to let the books find them. I am expecting publishers, dealers, and authors to take part in the programme, and share their resourcefulness with the world through TIC. I am also planning to contact the institutions I worked at previously, and find students there, who need help in getting good quality reading material.

Hope is bright about tomorrow. All I need is YOUR support.
I welcome your suggestions. Write to me at anulal05@gmail.com   

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