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Coming Fresh on Hartal

The daunting task of opining anything fresh on Hartal brings us to its origins. Although there is nothing, much new or seemingly ‘fresh’ about the origin of Hartal, at this time, when in Kerala Hartal is taken up by the opposition, against the ruling party’s adamant stand on keeping its Chief Minister on the chair after the allegations against him on corruption, it will be interesting to notice when and where it was born.
The political system, currently, is maneuvering through one of its worse times of ethical collapse, not just in Kerala, but also in many other parts of the world. This status of the world affairs too makes it necessary to go back to the past and look for answers. Hartal was the answer Gandhi proposed as an effective strategy for civil disobedience. Since then in India, Hartal has been a tool, handy for political parties to assert their supremacy over individual liberty and over other parties.
The moment the government hikes the price of petrol, they will announce a Ha…