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Need Kidney

From what I understand, a healthy human being can survive with just one kidney. However, any living organism requires something else, more than an organ, air, or food. It’s kindness.
Someone’s heart needs a kidney.
Larry Swilling is an American, from South Carolina. His wife, Jimmie Sue has a failed kidney. She was born with only one kidney, which started slowing down the December of 2011 (some say, from 2012). Those of my readers who are from America must have heard this story, already. I do not want to recount it here, for sympathy. My readers from other parts of the world need to know what happened next. And for them, I will tell the rest of the story.
Before I tell you what is next, I must make a request. If you are in America, living, working or born there, here is your chance to help a fellow being. You can donate your one kidney or suggest a medical facility where they have a storage bank, so that this story can have a good ending. The number to contact is below, you can see tha…