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The Racketeer Book Review; Published Soon

“I’ve seen this a hundred times in movies, TV shows, and in real-life court reporting—the last, frantic farewell look of the condemned. What do you think about as you’re leaving the courtroom and you’re mot going home? The truth is that nothing is clear.” Malcolm Bannister was sent away for a crime he did not commit. He is a lawyer but he is in prison. However, the mainstream society, the world of the power jugglers finds him an interesting hook to solve a murder. In fact, it is Mr. Bannister himself who comes out saying he can help.
After reading the thoroughly enjoyable John Grisham book The Confession, I decided to get my hands on Grisham’s latest bestseller The Racketeer, published in 2012. You can expect my review of The Racketeer soon.
Rule 35 is a part of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. The rule says that if a defendant helps the system in prosecuting another person, he or she can get a reduction in their sentence. The Racketeer has another legal significance too. RICO…