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Google Rush!

As the New Year’s Eve ended, the page views climbed up to 414 from 311. The New Year Day’s page view was 404. Thank you all for stopping by. You must feel that inexplicable warmth of love and thankfulness from me. Since I have no other way to express it, I implore you to accept this na├»ve, yet artistic way of expressing gratitude.
What do you feel at the end of the day, after all the celebrations you have gone through? Let us pool our attention in this region. Here is a thought which we all might have experienced and left somewhere stashed behind in the racks of our reason or logic. There is no logic in accepting that all Mondays suck. All vacations end with the same sense of nostalgia for coziness and a sense of self alienation, like the feeling—I wish I didn’t belong here. Your office, your work place, your school, everything seem unbearably full of duties and commitments. An escape would be the only thought you have, but just a thought. We do not accept this thought and move on.
I t…