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As the New Year’s Eve ended, the page views climbed up to 414 from 311. The New Year Day’s page view was 404. Thank you all for stopping by. You must feel that inexplicable warmth of love and thankfulness from me. Since I have no other way to express it, I implore you to accept this na├»ve, yet artistic way of expressing gratitude.

What do you feel at the end of the day, after all the celebrations you have gone through? Let us pool our attention in this region. Here is a thought which we all might have experienced and left somewhere stashed behind in the racks of our reason or logic. There is no logic in accepting that all Mondays suck. All vacations end with the same sense of nostalgia for coziness and a sense of self alienation, like the feeling—I wish I didn’t belong here. Your office, your work place, your school, everything seem unbearably full of duties and commitments. An escape would be the only thought you have, but just a thought. We do not accept this thought and move on.

I too feel the same.

However, when I look at the wonderful work I ended the previous year with, with the number of page views rose up to 400, a sense of fulfillment reaches to touch the rough edges of the time. What a wonderful experience each celebration is. Celebrating a moment is respecting God’s decision to choose that moment for one. The real sense of celebration too is not in the superfluous glamour or fireworks. The essence of every celebration lies in love; every celebration is an occasion to feel the warmth of the loved ones and to keep them close.

Feeling the Monday block was in no way pleasing, though. This prompts me to think about the whole need of celebrations. What do you feel after going through all the celebrations that occupied you the previous one week? Or for that matter any other celebrations; what do they make you feel, afterwards?” You are spent, financially and physically and have no more intention to get back to your work, even if the work is your first love. It is our celebratory mood that gives us this Monday block. We humans need to be happy. Our celebrations gift us with a glimpse of happiness. And we forget everything. And this forgetfulness costs us some suffering.   

Through this proposition, my intention is not to reject the significance of celebrations. Instead, I am justifying their eternal importance. I would say each day and each moment must be a celebration. Why celebrate a New Year’s Day alone? Why not each day, since each day is new and brings with it the same possibilities and expectations one expects at the New Year’s Eve? Each second and each breath we take carries the fragrance of novelty, the wisdom of change, the warmth of the future. In celebrating a specific day, say the New Year’s Eve or the Independence Day, aren’t we limiting our own possibilities? When each day could have been a celebration, in our own individual way, we take part in a celebration that would largely meant to be financial boosters to the economy and has nothing much to do with love or our personal likes or dislikes. Vishu, a festival of Keralites, always comes in April. I would have preferred it near December. Since during April, my financial status usually dwindles down to null. And so I could hardly get the opportunity to fulfill my desire to buy some new cloths or gold for the family. Well, I realized this doesn’t have to be so anymore.

This is the 2nd of January 2012 and in no way late to make a New Year resolution. Let us celebrate each and every day and be happy and together with our loved ones, even while doing our work and sweating to make a living. Let us say, Happy Monday!   


A said…
happy 2012 to you :-)))
Anu Lal said…
Thank you Agnes. Happy New Year to you too!!!
Terri said…
Ha! Isn't this what I say to you...Admittedly not every time we correspond ...but, I'd say Happy - and then what ever day of the week and then you would write me back with something similar or the next day due to the time difference. We've been celebrating like this for years now. And that portion of what you wrote is definitely been my approach to each day. It's good to know you feel similarly.
Your Tia
Anu Lal said…
You are right Tia. You own this idea. Happy Tuesday!!!
Your ME Ho

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