Monday, August 27, 2012


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Sometimes, we find ourselves so aligned with the rhythm of the cosmos that the fluttering wings of a distant butterfly can have its share in helping us experience some of the indelible moments.

Woman’s Equality Day is commemorated each year by the people of the United States of America, on August 26th. I published this poem on Poem without knowing this specific detail. One of my friends in Facebook told me about this. That was the moment I realized I was attuned with the cosmic music and that my thoughts crossed those living on the other side of the planet, unknowingly.

I would like to publish the comment of my Facebook friend Sabine Schonwalder from Italy at the end of this post. The poem is here for you all to enjoy.

My long sari,
An overlapping image with my body,
Floats in front of your eyes,
In a luring sensation above and below nakedness,
As if I belong to the world of mathematics,
Always shown for something else:
Suppose X is Y and A is B,
I am a woman and my soul is free.

I dedicate this poem to all women, everywhere in the world. 
Sabine Schonwalder: Very nice title for International Women's Equality Day :-)  It creates an image in front of my eyes, so... well done :-)

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