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The Snowflake and the Sun

A wind from the Far East crossed the Himalayas one day, full of moisture. The moisture condensed. The high cold weather that was usual in the region, transformed the moisture into an ice flake. The wind was pleased greatly, because it had given birth to a baby.

After a year the wind returned to the mountains to meet her child, the snowflake. The snowflake was happy to see his mother, too. Seeing the snowflake sparkle with happiness, the wind asked, “Why are you so happy my child?”

“I am happy to see you mother. And I know this too, that you will be traversing over the oceans after leaving the mountains.”

The sun, who was bright over them that time, heard what the snowflake and the wind had said. It is surprising how a snowflake living in the high mountains knows about the oceans, the sun thought. It embarrassed him, because he had never expected the snowflake to know a lot of things. He decided to talk to the snowflake.

The sun talked with the snowflake with its rays of light. He as…