Thursday, May 19, 2011

That Day...

You feel you live in a democracy. You just feel. That is what democracy does. It makes you feel. Many times I felt that democracy itself is a feeling. You feel a lot of other significant emotions alongside, too. Like freedom, for example. Is freedom a feeling? It can take up a whole two thousand words argument and still can remain chaste. Doesn't it hurt you when you are not free to do anything, say to move out with your boyfriend? Indeed, and so freedom belongs to that above mentioned category of psychological traits—feelings.

As we have started a healthy discussion about feelings, let us continue with it. There is a lot more to discuss. And it can exceed any word count again. You are not just a box of feelings, like the old time gramophone. You are a complex being. You belong to a better category, a genre that hasn’t yet maligned by the presuppositions. If you are in a new territory undiscovered by any one, you are lucky. You are experiencing the most original of the earthly scene, untouched by any eye, not even a thought. Instead, what if you were living in a completely known, predicted place, like the moon or the craters of mars, you might get so accustomed to what others have to say rather than exploring your original creativity. This is exactly what it means by being different. You are in an unknown, undiscovered land. No one suggests upon your what-to-dos and how-to-dos. You are the master of your creativity and originality. Your difference spills from your soul into the depths of every shallowness and makes it deep, really deep.

One day you find yourself locked up in your house. You think it as an intellectual closeness to Kafka and check the daily news paper, to know literally what had happened. You look around. No one is moving. Nothing is moving. No kid goes to school, and no adult goes for work. It seems a public lazy day. It is surely not a holiday, since holidays have such a hidden charm in them that they make you alert from its early crow itself that it’s a holiday. You plan for a shopping expedition, attending a marriage reception, and many more funny things. But it’s not exactly what you feel. You feel lazy like every one else, and you sleep. That day is called the Hartal day.

You are a different person; complicated. And so you don’t want to be like others. You take it as an opportunity to learn. You learn one of the best lessons of life in India: adjustment. You adjust with others, learning each moment. You are different and you must understand what it means to be different.