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Stars Behind the Blue Drapery

"The best way to know love is to lose it."--Anu

Had a writer been watching us, he would have written: a man and woman were walking on the beach, may be a husband and wife or may be lovers; they hardly seemed friends since their hands were intertwined in such a fashion that could drive out any possible suggestion about their relationship except that they were in love. The writer was with me; my writer, my love, part of my body and soul, my husband. Near me, Manu was a warm presence, but I knew he was feeling confused, may be a little out of place. The previous night, he had told me that he was in a block and that he felt absolutely cut off from his personal fairy land. 
January 3rd 2011 was a special day in our lives: the third anniversary of our marriage. I don’t know who decided on our visit to MuzhappilangadBeach. Someone; may be our love; the love that we believed divine, close to God.
It takes just a glance for expectations, sometimes, to shatter. But it did not take even …