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Friends Forever!

"If any one teaches you something new, whoever that be that person must be respected and should never be ill-treated."-The teacher said. The student, who was the prince of that kingdom in the southern part of India, listened to his teacher with awe and great respect. He was young and seemed in his twenties.
When he reached the palace from his teacher's home, it was judgment time. The king had pronounced death sentence for an enemy soldier, imprisoned by the king's army in a recent war. 
The prisoner was taken to a wooden scaffold. On which there was a wooden block. His arms were released from handcuff. The prisoner knelt down and placed his neck on the block. The executioner standing near him raised his huge axe. After a split second, the head of the prisoner would roll over the ground. The prince walked closer to the prisoner, his enemy. He wanted to see the prisoner's head roll down on the earth.
Before the executioner raised his axe, the prisoner spoke: "Pl…