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And the Winners are...

As per the rule of the Cool Blogger award, I must hand it over to some really cool bloggers. And I thought I would declare 'a winner' today. But now I realise that the task to proclaim any one of my friends as the winner is really difficult. Because I find a lot of good talents among them. Therefore, I decided to give away this award to four gifted bloggers.

The criteria I followed to decide the Cool Blogger is the dedication with which they engage themselves in blogging and their individual talents that they show through their blogs.

And the winners are.....

Terri L. Hadji-Gauthierfor her excellent works of art and dedication to blogging.

Rachna for being a mother who writes blog.

Rohini for her dedicated blogging and for keeping two beautiful blogs even in a mothers busy life.

and Anya for her Beautiful blog, which shares love for animals and poetry.

CONGRATS winners!!

The Indian Commentator.