Tears are running. Third drop.

The Ritual

To fly high and to rain down,
is the destiny of the cloud.
Don't ask me why I am crying.
It is my destiny,
to lay down my heart for you,
and observe this ritual,
And an endless waiting.


u made me cry...truly wonderful....grtttttt....u deserve an ward for it....
Anya said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anya said…
Very touching poem .....
My compliments!!

Yes tears are running now in your country...
(I saw on TV the crashed plane :(
I'm always scared for plains...
Very very sad news today for India
Sheri said…
good morning, dear friend! i was very surprised and excited to have you following along, i am humbled and honored that you would do so, thanks! but speaking of following, you'll find my avatar right there amongst others who are fascinated by your work! i've read through the month of may and i am amazed at the beauty in which you write...
Anu Lal said…
@ Broken Star-- Thank you friend,I am honoured.

@Anya-- You are right Anya. It is really a sad day for India. May there be peace for those who have departed and those who are left behind...

@Sheri--Hi Sheri, I am very much impressed by your blog. And thanks for following me. Nice to hear that you enjoyed my works. Keep visiting...
Have a nice day..
such strong emotions,
with such beautiful words..
fabulous poem!
rohini said…
Few words....but highly impactful..this is a real touchy one..
Anu Lal said…
Thank you friends..
Unknown said…
Anulal..first of my hearty congrats..May God bless you to achieve ur desired goal... and am very happy to read ur poems.its are just undiscribable..the words that i think to appreciate ur poems r undefinable..becoz they r beyond words..Go on with ur destiny ...u vil achieve that,,and i have nothing else to give you other than my prayers for you...ALL THE VERY BEST..
Anu Lal said…
Thank you my dear friend. God bless you too.

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