Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to Write the Truth?

I haven't been forced to do this nor obliged, but it is out of love.

I write and read and learn literature because I love it. I write, for I do not exist in any other form other than words, sentences, punctuations, and blank spaces. I write truth, and that is all about what I write. And I love truth.

No one believes a truth that is imperfect and lame. But I do. For the truth I know is not a perfect neat structure, which has been constructed by the most talented engineer. Truth, for me, is-and I think this is the reality-an imperfect, weak living identity. I am in love with it. When we love someone, we never see one's flaws. So I too do not see the flaws in the truth.

They who do not take truth as it is, along with all the flaws and imperfections, do not love it, but are simply forced to live with it, and are afraid of breaking the laws, which someone else has put in the path of the search for truth.

I write not just because I love to tell the truth, but also for my own existence. I exist as a writer. In order to continue my existence as a writer, I have to continue the pen-paper-words magic, I mean writing. I had been in a block for the last few days, a severe one. The place where I am now, divides my world into two- a barren, unproductive, dead world; and a dream like, hopeful, living, creative one; a world I own, my own world of writing and creativity. Now I think, or rather I feel that I am in the fertile soil after crossing the barrenness.

I have succeeded in crossing those limiting barriers, and in reaching my Promised Land. Writing is the most simple process and the most complicated one too. It's not simply about creating lengthy or short sentences and leading or misleading the reader. This is least is called writing. Writing is dissolving oneself in the world one has created for oneself, as every writer knows how to, and rediscover him out again through one's own words and sentences and the blank spaces, punctuations and symbols. Thus, an original writer can be found nowhere else, but in his works, his writings.

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