Wednesday, November 24, 2010

After Word

Kay is a wonderful poet and my reader too. She surprised me with a comment she made for my previous post under the title “The Fateful Road”. I decided after reading the comment that this comment should be a part of the thought about which I talked in “The Fateful Road”.  Here is part of her comment that made me rethink about the step I had taken—my previous post.

“We too often think the road has been created for us and we fall into a complacent thought process of everything needing to be easy. However, I don't believe the road has already been built. It is up to us, to devise the plan, engineer our own path, build it and look back at the path we, ourselves have created! 

It's just too easy to fall into the paths of others, take the easy way out and look back in regret. 

And making our way, building that course, is no easy task! It takes hard work, diligence, sweat and above all faith.”

Thank you Kay!


Terri said...

yes indeed we do have choices...very nice post, Anu.

Anu Lal said...

Yup. :)