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The Schooner

The schooner moves forward.
It knows what moving forward means.
It is the way; the only way it has,
To show its gratitude to the wind,
To the omen of the seagull,
To the waves that parted for its keel,
To the soul of the sea, that-
Blessed it with signs,
By reflecting upon it its own presence,
By making it, feel its very own existence,
Just like my pen pushing forward,
In your gratitude, my Tia,

This poem is a gift to Blooming Ideas, for rewarding me with the Versatile Blogger Award.

Did I miss the moment? Did I delay this post a bit? Perhaps, but I wanted to make it worthwhile, with this little poem. And I would like to share this award too, with some of my Blogger friends. But for sharing this award, as I learned it from Blooming Ideas, I have to confess seven truths about myself. And then only I can propose seven winners for the award. Though it was difficult, I tried to locate seven truths about myself. The truth then could be of two types, too: the ones that I want to disclose publicly and the ones that I do not want to reveal. And I do not like to keep secrets about my personality ever. However, the real problem I encountered here is that I could only address seven truths alone. Still, I decided to attempt this task; embarking on an adventure into myself in seven restricted steps. But I am under the brutal paradox of whether to qualify them, these seven truths, as constant sign posts defining my personality, eternal codes representing the I in me, when I know that no truth in the cosmos buys itself on its own merits, it has to be attributed by another. No truth can exist by itself but in the presence of the external other that perceives it, enjoys its beauty, finds conflict with it, rests in peace in it. God, is that the reason why You created human beings?

The seven truths about me, I think until the moment I publish this post, are:

1. I am working as a lecturer now, but my real passion, the true mission of my life is to become a writer.

2. I love many and want to be loved, but could never tell any of them, how much I love them.

3. Though my family does not understand me, always keep a blind eye towards my dreams, thoughts and personal likes—because they want me to be like them; think like them, live like them, successful like them; and they do all this out of their immense love towards me—hopelessly, often painfully, I understand them.

4. I am open to criticisms, but often in the immediate days it disturbs me. I hate hypocrisy. And I do not know how to say no.

5. I believe in God and in His Son, Jesus, and I believe this too that during every moment of my work, I am worshipping.

6. I am an Indian, but not a Hindu. I am not a Christian or a Muslim, either. But I am a writer.

7. I love privacy and most of the times enjoy loneliness. But here, in my home, I have only the latter with me.

And the seven blogs I chose for the Award are...

5.Portia Sisco
6.Loud Silence

7....And Another...

Congrats Winners!


Rachna said…
Thanks for the award, Anulal. I think you were very honest in sharing 7 truths about yourself.
Terri said…
Wow! Thank You Me Ho for such a beautiful poem. You gave this post much thought. I too found myself searching for 7 truths that I wanted to share publicly.
I think there a lot of creative people that work to support their real passions in life. Until they can support themselves by their true passion...whether it be illustrating, sculpting, jewelry making, painting, inventing, writing...etc.
Thank You so much for the lovely surprise.
rohini said…
:) me Happy....thnx for awarding me/....and seven truths about you are nice to know....
the point of ur not only urs..we children are made to walk on the set paths by our family...but its for our good..sooner or later we understnd it...and yes am i also required to reveal my sevent many times i have revealed it..itna jyada ki thrice times seven truths...oh !so truthful i m /...:)
Kay said…
love the poem... flowing with ease. Thank you for the award. I'll post it shortly.

7 truths... yeah. It's a tough one to devuldge, you pulled it off with grace.
ANULAL said…
Thank you Rachanji, Tia Terri, Rohiniji, And Kay, for your words, and time. I am looking forward to reading your seven truths. You are right Kay, it is difficult to divulge, but fun too. There is a piece of salavtion that one gets at the end of it. God bless you all:)
Kanika Bahl said…
thanks for the tag and the award :)
Nalini Hebbar said…
Thank you so much for thinking of me as for the award...:)
ANULAL said…
You deserve it Naliniji. Congrats!!

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